What do I have to do to prove I'm Cypriot with a British mum?

For some reason my Gmail account is secret, I was born in London, please don’t use. I need help.

Brother, you are Greek Cypriot?

How did my father come here on a British passport, he never told me, si; Mi llama es Jorge, nacimento en Londres, eimai ena en ti;

You seem like a very smart guy.
But also disorganized a bit. Are you on meds?

Yu mean like Cat Stevens;

Or George Michael; it is not easy being sick :frowning:

Have you heard of W.B. Yeats, why was I born :frowning:

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Of course. He is one of my favourite poets

The truth will set you free, in the beginning was the word, the logos, the way and the clave, do you believe in intelligent design;

Along with Whitman and Blake

Of course, intelligent. No doubt

Why do you need to prove that you are Cypriot?

But that is not enough, there must be gnosis gai agapo;

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Gnosis and love, right.
Gnosis is of the same root as sanskrit jnana

avaristo I’m related

Avaristo? Efharisto maybe? I thank you?

So why do you need to prove your identity?
Who’s asking?

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