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I spoke to the landlord office and told them I have bedbugs. She said if it’s my first offense they wouldn’t charge me anything. I said I had bedbugs years ago, maybe 6 or 7. She then said we would have to talk to the manager Monday
One of my molars hurts, and I need to see the dentist. If I need a root canal, Google says it may be $1000.00. I have a credit card and $310.00 cash.
I have pain in my hip. The X-ray of my left knee shows moderate arthritis. The X-ray of my left hip shows mild arthritis and a cyst in the joint space. The X-ray of my lower back shows severe degenerate changes with mild curvature of the spine.
My PCP wants me to try physical therapy at $20 to $40 a pop, probably two or more times a week. I think I have an extra $300 to $350 a month left if I don’t pay credit cards and my personal installment loan.
To pay for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it’s a $335.00 filing fee and $800.00 to $1000.00 lawyer fees.
I’m currently not paying my creditors, and keeping the extra money for the things mentioned above. Creditors cannot legally garnish my Social Security check.
What do you think I should do next if I don’t have to pay for the bedbugs?

Sounds like a storm but the poor version of teeth control is getting it pulled. Costs way less and it’s something I’ve had to face in the scheme of things.

As to other things I’d be putting it into pros and cons and making a list from there. It’s not any fun having no money but your not the only one in that space. I’d recommend save money on credit card. That just costs you money with interest and doesn’t help you. Use it for emergencies only.

Others will have some different advice…Hang in there.


You don’t know for sure if you need a root canal. You don’t know for sure if you will have to pay to get rid of the bedbugs. So it’s hard to give advice.

Dental colleges charge a fraction of what private dentists charge.

If you are charged lots of interest on your credit card each month you might want to try getting another card that has a balence transfer deal. Depending on how good your credit is, you could find a credit card that you could transfer the balance from your current card to one that charges a 0% interest on balance transfers for 9 months or even a year. And some cards will have an additional offer for 0% interest on all purchases for a year or more.

Also, there’s companies that offer debt consolidation. They will pay off all your bills and then there will be one lump sum that you make reasonable size payments to them each month to pay it down.

Also, we can give you advice but there are also businesses that offer professional financial advice. I don’t know what they charge but they know a lot more than us I bet.

You might want to see where you can cut corners to save money. For example, shop around for a cheaper internet service than you already have. Try to find a food closet near you to get free groceries. Try to find the cheapest cell phone service.
Maybe sit down with a pen and paper and write down every expense you have and see everywhere your money goes. Take a period of a month and write down every purchase you make including bus fare, entertainment, eating at restaurants, toiletries, haircuts, miscellaneous, etc. Keep all your receipts and at the end of the month check out and see where your money goes. You may be surprised to see what you spend money on. And you can see where you can cut out expense that aren’t necessities.


I went to a dental college once. Big mistake. They told me I had 9 cavities. I had a four filled there and stopped . I found reasonable dental insurance and went to a real dentist a month later. He told me I didnt have any. Btw nobody have ever told me before that I had 9 cavities. Sorry to hear about your situation mike. Sometimes they have other dental clinics that do work for free. Maybe they have something where you live.

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It sounds tough what you’re facing. Try and keep well if you can through all this.

We have debt consolidation in the UK, where you can borrow to pay off lots of different people with a loan, and owe the money to one place with lower payments. Might be an option.

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Oh yes they can.
Housing has been garnishing my check
All year.

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Free debt counseling USA


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You can boil a whole pot of water and as long as your water is boiling one little tea bag will make a full pot of tea. Also check out livingonadime.com. There’s also Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey but it costs like $80 last time I checked for the course. Salmon cakes are cheap to make and you can feed a family of 4 one meal with 1 can of salmon, a couple of eggs and flour and some kind of vegetable.

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My dad is a good cook. I’d rather eat at his house than at restaurants now.


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