What differentiates going to sleep from death?

When I think about dying, I realize that my matter and energy might make up another conscious being one day. But it won’t have my memories. It won’t be me. This makes me wonder what the difference between sleep and death is, in dreams I might have some semi-awareness and a stream of events pulled from memories of my lived experience. What differentiates me from the next thing my “stuff,” my matter becomes? Only memories that can fade even before I die?

Sleep is different from death. Medically during sleep your brain is active. During death there is no brain activity. Thats as much as I can say without talking about religion as death/afterdeath is connected to religion.


No one has given me 20,000 volts across the nipples* when I’ve been sleeping. You know it when you’ve come back from your heart stopping because every part of your chest hurts.

(*few can party like an EMT, let me tell you.)


i hope I die in my sleep


To me it’s the same. And I also hope I die in my sleep.

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