What did you notice when you quit smoking?

Did you sleep better? Breathed easier? better taste? More energy? What did you notice when you quit. Please share your experiences as I am heavy smoker for 6 years and trying to quit now

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I switched to vaping. I noticed I wasn’t coughing up black pieces of my lungs anymore. Disgusting I know.

I also came to the conclusion that there’s more to cigarettes than just nicotine. There’s something else in them that was keeping me hooked.

my sense of taste got better. Food had never tasted so good.


What about sleep?

i don’t know. I’ve never been a good sleeper.

I quit coughing and gagging and quit tasting tar in my throat … At night I used to have issues with my lungs being flooded with acid — I nearly choked to death, thank God that’s over …

Did you notice any change in weight maybe?

I noticed I wasn’t as tired when going up the stairs. I was very puffed out oh and regular chest infections. Haven’t had a chest infection in ten years

Nope. I was going to the gym so i lost weight.

I used to snore like a freight train. Now my breathing is normal when I sleep. My sleep is way better, no apnea anymore.
I don’t notice my taste being a whole lot more intense, but my sense of smell is back.
I can smell someone smoking a mile away. Didn’t even notice back when I was smoking.

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I noticed that the top of my head turned into what look like cigarette. And smoke was coming from my head. I put myself out in an ashtray and continues to smoke.

Now I vape.

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I smell fresh and clean, I have a better taste in my mouth, I have better breath, my facial skin isn’t as dry, I no longer have a sore throat, I breath better, I’m off my asthma medicine now, I’m no longer antsy throughout the day when it’s time for another cigarette, and I sleep better because I’m not waking up and going outside for a smoke. Now, if I wake up, I just go back to sleep.

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I quit coughing.

How did you manage not to smoke in the morning? It is the first thing I do…

I noticed I didn’t have as many mood swings and I didn’t get as irritable so easily. I felt more calm and serene. I noticed my sense of smell improved as well as my sense of taste. I liked that I didn’t stink anymore. I used to be self conscious of my odor from the cigarette smoke but now I feel like I can stand close to people without worry. I don’t cough anymore and I haven’t used my rescue inhaler even one time since I quit or had one asthma attack. I noticed I haven’t run out of money at the end of the month like I used to. I always have money now. The little lines around my mouth are starting to shrink and fade instead of getting worse everyday. My complexsion looks brighter and pinker.


I weaned off over time. On my last 3 days, I had one cigarette. First day was in the morning, 2nd day at lunch, and 3rd day at dinner and then no more

I just generally felt way better. Breathing became easier, food tasted better.

If I stop smoking I smell better. I don’t need that kinda pressure to bathe lol. Now I just smell like a smoker, it covers up the body odor. I also don’t want to smell others.

Much more money in the wallet…taste better…feel better…more energy…more time for productivity…I could go on. I’m like 1/2 a week in, weaning off vape and chew with the nicotine gum. I have 4mg and 2mg gum, gonna finish the 4mg first. Then 2mg if I need it.

I mainly want less addictive substances in my life. And so replacing nicotine with healthy alternatives is a huge step. Next step in this plan of mine is to only drink on special occasions. And stop smoking weed completely.

Thank you for all your replies, I am going to start to smoke 3 ciggies a day for few weeks cause im smoking 20 ciggies a day and want to make a massive cut first, it is really stressful to make a huge jump from smoking that much to zero