What did you dream last night

I dreamt that darksith called me on the phone

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I dreamt darksith called me and he spoke in an Australian accent, he didn’t sound like an alien, but as you all know, aliens can fool ya ;). He said something about how “We all like you here on sz.com” then he said “But you need to _________” I forget what he said. Then he said something about never saying anything bad about Mrs. Sith.

I think I had multiple dreams about sz.com last night. But I woke up right after darksith called me.

I will for now on read Darksith’s posts in the voice he talked to me on the phone in my dream

hmm let me see…

I actually cant remember. I most often can remember but I guess today not.

My chronic nightmares?

You don’t want to know.

I don’t remember the dream… but I must have hit some agitation because I woke up on the floor in the hallway.

Sleepwalking again.

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I dreamt of montreal streets

I dreamt I was in fern gully and a half man, half horse saved me from that smog thing.
NOT! I made that up :speak_no_evil:
I wish I was in fern gully though. I can’t even remember if I dreamt.


When I used to smoke weed I never dreamed. Or at least I never remembered my dreams. This went on for years.

Can’t remember all of the contents of my dream from last night, though I remembered them being quite vivid and being related to God. It was a funny dream that I remembered laughing about.

It had something to do with the apparently “never ending difficulty” of life on Earth. I asked what the purpose of causing such vast struggles on Earth was for, and why God allowed such a design to occur in the first place? He said it was to “permanently strengthen” human beings “now & forever onward” (or something to those likes in word).

I thought, though, “Wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from all the constant exercising?”

Really, though, it’d be nice if the difficulty of exercising balanced with the feelings of pleasure, such that we could always enjoy X, Y, & Z relatively equally without feeling the desparity of pain or suffering.

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