What did you do today?

i did a team building exercise creating a habitat for wildlife in the country park and learned more about nature :slight_smile: got a cool certificate and everything lol


I went to court and talked to the detective working the burglary case from the first time my apartment was broken into. Then instead of going to work for the afternoon I just fell asleep on the couch.


I saw my pdoc and now I’m cooking dinner for the family :smile:


I went to work in a bakery and made many pastries, breads, scones and rolls.


I went to a white elephant Christmas party and got some awesome stackable coffee mugs that match my plates!

And made friends with a kinda sexy cop.


Pretty good day.


What is a white elephant Christmas party?

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That must smell wonderful!

It’s when you get/give odd thrift store type stuff.

It was for a civic club I’m part of.

Had a good time, on account of the cop.


You guys so proud you doing so much good.

I did a few yoga poses in bathroom (church):stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grinning::sunglasses:

It only took five minutes or so something is something.

Then I scratched my boyfriends back and head and then I made coffee and got dressed and made our bed and then I have been sitting on the couch having breakfast .
I eat slowly cause I am on schizophrenia forum at same tome.

I plan on visiting my neigher as one of women who raised me thinks I should see her more often than twice a week.

I want to walk beside her today instead of riding her cause I want to bond again and we have been through so much together.

We were both dying when we met.
I had ovarian cancer and she was starved and abused and dying.
We both survived and she became well enough for me to ride.
We overcame fears like riding past a noisy truck and walking over ibstackes, crossing bridges etc


Yeah. And some of the customers brought in two boxes of chocolates for us so I was greatly tempted. I was tucking in throughout the day. :slight_smile: It was a nice gesture.


Sounds very kind and welcoming :blush:

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Did some grocery shopping and then slept from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. I’m probably up for the rest of the night.


i had a great day today, i took my dog out and had a coffee then picked up a classmate and went to college,

At college i was working on a Powerpoint about the whole 8 weeks doing the course and my tutor said it was really good it was like a thesis or dissertation and that made me feel really good, anyway i nearly finished it except for one picture and saved it, it is for the last day when we are celebrating what we have achieved and i am going to get my friend to record my presentation and i might share it here :slight_smile: this course has been so amazing and i have met so many wonderful people, on the day of the presentation (15th) i have also got an interview during lunch for a support worker job and i have a dinner to go to at night so its going to be an actioned packed day ‘hope i can handle it’ lol.

when i got home i took the dog out and had a coffee and now it is 'chill out time’
:wink: woot woot

hope you had a good day guys, if you need to talk i am here or pm x


My day just started!

We’re having Korean takeout in a bit, but I started my morning off with a bit of knitting and now I’m listening to some Spanish music that I listened to while in Mexico.

As for the rest of the day, I’m gonna try and do some of my math homework then I might treat myself to an Audiobook afterward.


I watched a service on YouTube.com Then, I read a book on investing techniques. Then I watched a Spanish language course on my smartphone app. Then, I played my keyboard for over an hour, then I ate dinner with friends. I meditated twice today and I reached Zen, believe it or not. Now, I’m on social media. I’m getting ready to do yoga pretty soon. Then, I’ll read a classic novel and then go to bed.


I got my first official diagnosis. Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Social Anxiety. (:


I did a few chores and was able to read an article I wanted to annotate.


i am really done in, i went out for coffee this morning and then my car wouldn’t start so i got the train into my clubhouse and helped out in there, relaxed and restored my phone as it had viruses, then i went to the next train stop and went to a nice bar/restaraunt and had a beer and small haggis, neeps, tatties, then i went to the xmas market nearby and bought a whole load of different flavoured cheeses and crackers, also got some syrups for coffee, ginger, caramel, hazelnut etc then had a beer, i also spotted what i would like for xmas and then i had a KFC and then home, i was out all day from about 11am- 730pm and i am pooped.

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Turned my dead HDD into a lamp shade base, and picked up some beer, and gave up trying to save the world.


Today not a lot. Watched the new episode of US version of Shameless and a couple of episodes of the fuller house. Just started watching that today. Listened to music and hung with my dog. He’s pretty needy. Also made breakfast. Ate lunch with my parents. Smoked stogies…oh yeah and one of my counselors took me to a couple of stores