What did you do on your 40th birthday?

im curious because im almost there.

When I turned forty, it was a day like every other day. My family forgot. My daughter was too busy being a teenager. I went to work, came home, fixed dinner fed the dog and cat, watched tv, did laundry and went to bed.

The same for me It will be another day.

I don’t celebrate any holiday prolly because im too lazy.

i don’t do birthdays…never have…’ way ’ to many bad memories.
take care :alien:

hmmm can’t actually recall…i think i went out to dinner with the family…i’m 41 now so a a long time to remember which means it obvs wasn’t so amazing lol.

I went to a bowling alley with my kids and ex-wife, best friend and two other friends. Had a couple of beers, bowled and then called it a night. Nothing special.

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