What did you do for bills?

I’m starting to gain insight but I also am realizing how much hospital and traffic debt I have. I owe the traffic violations bureau 225 dollars and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pay that on disability income. And rent is 450.

Any ideas? I can’t really work because everytime I have an interview something In my body happens to mess it up. I want a disability lifestyle but a 100,000 income.

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Maybe the will forgive hospital debt when you don’t have much income. Its worth a try to ask.


Really? You broke the law. You probably have to pay or you get in trouble or more fines.

You just sound like you want $100k a year doing nothing.

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I wanna work with nanotechnology at the Mayo Clinic or something, or to play options or stock trading or learn to program. Not for doing nothing but I can’t work it’s like everytime I try my brain gets tazed

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lol thats a little ambitious to work with nano if you cant do anything. maybe start with something a little less technical

In 2012-2014 I had executive functions I could plan and stuff. Being a stock trader would have been awesome or stock options. Something zaps my mind when I try to work and it becomes hard. I hope schizophrenia gets better with age

being a ‘‘stock trader’’ is not as simple as having a bunch of investor give you money to trade with though, or your own money if you have any capital to use. It sounds nice but in reality its very tough to make it in that realm.

longterm value trades are a lot simpler than the cliche day-trader.

takes money to make money honey. :smile:

i think your zap is like a psychosomatic issue. at some point it happened then it kept repeating now you just expect it to happen and to stop your mind.

I suggest CBT therapy for that. exposure therapy.

Like example, you say that anytime you try to work you cant do anything.


  1. Try to pick up a magazine.
  2. read the front cover
  3. open it

If you could do that, you successfully defeated that zapping idea.

Then you just try things incrementally harder. very slowly until you are at a place where you can get more technical things done.

a cbt therapist could help with that if you dont like to do it on your own volition.


Have you ever seen Rhonda Byrnes book the secret? Ive learned about all kinds of stock and you mostly gotta research the companies balance sheets. When I think about doing it something pinches my eyes down or zaps my brain

yeah nope. If your reading that kind of book please don’t do stocks lol. the law of attraction is a joke.
its especially not a good way to think for someone who has schizophrenia.

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Believing you will be a good day trader is a common delusion on here. I have seen many people believe they could strike it rich through stocks on here. None of them did.

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Not related to the topic, but my dad was telling me there are a lot of good paying blue collar jobs that no-one wants to do anymore. People look down on them or refuse and only immigrants do them now. It must be our generation or several generations. It reminds me of dirty jobs TV show. I know I wouldn’t do it. I’m lazy and would take the easy road and do college. I like school.

My dad was telling me Americans don’t want to do hard jobs anymore like cleaning out a boiler and more.

For example, I worked retail and fast food. Now a days, kids refuse to do even fast food. They look down on it like they’re better. My brother is like that. He refused to do fast food or cook. The job market was better when he was looking than when I was.

Personally, if things were different, I would have joined the military out of high school or while at community college. Probably would have got schizophrenia anyways. Probably a good thing it never worked out.

I feel bad for my brother. Because of COVID-19 and the economy (mainly the shutdown) he cannot make more money. He’s only 22 but doesn’t have enough money to get an apartment in a safe, nice area, which is understandable, and he talks like he’s a millenial or generation Z or some crap. He’s like a lot of kids these days who have money in the bank but still live with mommy and daddy. He’s not like that – I hope. I live with mom and dad because I’m disabled. He hates school and he struggles there.

I stayed at home until 21 years old. Then I was hoping to graduate college and get a job and support myself. It never happened and now I live at home as a 30 yr old doing nothing. I pay rent and food, but I still feel guilty.

My dad moved out of home at 18 and joined the Navy. Kudos to him.

I convinced my friend to buy ford at 1 dollar during the recession and it increased to a 15 dollar a share stock by the time he moved. He put 2000 in and if he didn’t sell it it would have been 10,000 or so so I’ve seen it before. I’m an economics major

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What you can do about traffic tickets is ask for a payment plan at court. Work out what you can pay. Same with medical debt. People will almost always accept a partial payment if they know the alternative is nothing.


@anon28145038 are you aware that 22 IS generation Z age? And 30 is millennial age. Your brother is a zoomer and you are a millennial.

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Is there really bill forgiveness?

Had to go to Florida.
Wasn’t medicated.
Ended up in a hospital
Realized I could not survive with medication.

Not officially, but if you ask nicely and make an offer of what you can afford, they will frequently work with you. The trick is to offer more than they would get from selling your debt to a collection agency.

What happens when your debt been sold to a debt collector?


What if I pay the debt collector?

Am I still paying the original bill?

Here is my trick. When the debt collector calls, say “I dispute the claim.” Then ask for the contact number of the source of the debt. Call that number immediately and say you have an old bill and can do a partial payment. Pay it that day to the company. When the debt collector calls and asks about the debt, the doctor’s office will have a record of you paying the bill. The debt will be filed as a mistake and be removed from your credit score.


Side note, you can only get away with this once per doctor’s office/company. If you do it repeatedly, they think you are scamming them.

Oh and if you canct afford anything at all, just wait until its been ten years. Old debt will fall off after ten years if you haven’t paid anything. Debt collectors can still try to collect the debt though, and if you pay anything at all, the clock restarts and the debt will follow you another ten years.