What did you do 2day?

I went on a 1.5 mile walk/run again. Then I lifted weights (arm curls, shoulder press, rows, goblet squat) and did push ups and sit ups. Then I made dinner for my family (grilled chicken and rice). Now I am just chilling and trying to decide if I want beer or wine tonight.


I cleaned from 9 to 6. My extended family is coming tomorrow and I want to be prepared. I’ll probably stay in a corner alone like I always do.

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Wow you beast!!! That turns me on :fire: what meds you on?

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2MG of risperidone. You?

Oh yes risperdall made me like working out. It gave me an appetite, I never had before though. So I quit.

I’m still trying to find what med I want to be on. The most long term has been .5haldol once a day.

Do you buy into the “program” that you are merely hallucinating?

Fasting all day.

Yes. I know I hallucinate. White noise makes it the worse. My brain makes up voices to noise.

Are the voices at all interactive? Mine can have conversations. They can even possess my body.

That’s some next level ■■■■ to mine… Mine just say annoying ■■■■ about what I think. I swear I make it up, without even trying. I can’t ask them questions and get answers. Its more a constant commentary. Like “people spy on you.” ■■■■ like that.

Mine makes up music to random noisees. Like, I hear big top circus music out of nowhere, and then after a few seconds it turns into a squeaky grocery cart wheel. It’s like being in a never ending creepy movie. No voices, though.

Yes, I hated it back when they did not respond and only commented. It is better to be able to communicate with them intelligibly, then the re-education program can truly begin.

I don’t know which is worse. Sorry you deal with this.

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Have you experienced any stalking or covert harassment from human beings around you?

I want it just to stop. No sci fi ■■■■■■■■.

I’ll give it to you. Mine’s just eerie. Sometimes the music’s good :smiley_cat:

Sounds like it. Like a soundtrack to your life.

Are you an atheist?

I read a lot for class and did some biology homework. I made dinner and stuff, worked on my book. The highlight of my day was being sore as ■■■■. I drank a cherry dr pepper because I felt like I deserved a reward. I’ve been smoking a cigarette when I wake up. That’s bad because I quit smoking entirely and need to not even smoke one a day.

I was out last night with my friends and tonight I’m tired and sore so I actually turned down an invitation and am about to go to bed and watch an anime about boxing on my phone in bed.

Just being perfectly honest.

Yesterday was leg day, and holy ■■■■ am I sore as ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

No i love God. I don’t believe the voices to be spirits. I know it’s my brain, turning noise to voices.

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