What did sz not take from you...?

mine would be this song

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For some odd reason… Sz didn’t take my love of swimming. (that has helped me beyond belief)

Sz did not drive some of my family away.

For that reason alone… I think I got off pretty dang lucky.

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sz has opened my eyes to the pit falls of life. in a split second things can slip

imo sz is like paint stripper,

SZ did not take from me my loved ones and my relationship with them. Also my love for reading and writing, birds and astronomy.

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anything I can’t get back in good time.


perfectionism ------

Apparently, paranoid schizophrenia has made me a better writer! I have surprised myself in my humanities classes with my scores. It doesn’t come easy but I get good grades on my papers. These past few years I have gotten better grades on essays than ever before in my life.


My sense of humor. heeeheee 20 characters long.


My belief in God. My love of writing.

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Nothing. Stripped me down, left me barefooted, had to reinvent my life all over again each time I had a crisis. All my family did was to have a behaviur that amplified my confusion, so I avided them as much as I could. When I finally decided to have a family of my own I stopped running and got a sense of belonging and protection, even thrugh my illness, even through crisis.

There is absolutely nothing SZ hasn’t taken from me. Nothing

I really don’t know. I got ill when I was pretty young and I don’t really remember much about my childhood.

I got some time to explore more directions my life could take and discover which routes I want to avoid.

I have learned to use assertiveness too as I was raised with belligerent parent & OCD mum so nothing ever mattered enough to say anything…I did not want the attention…

I got to life away from my hometown. I got to try a small town and bigger city.

Right now, with the med’s I’m on, I would have to say it hasn’t taken my imagination and my ability to write. When I was on haldol it had taken everything from me. My imagination was dead, and I couldn’t write at all. I was totally demoralized - an abject puddle of existence. Atypical anti-psychotics have given me back some of my life.

Zyprexa has helped my creativity and writing. That’s why I say - each med is a little different for you. Shop around.

Actually for years my average cost for zyprexa was $500 a month - with insurance. They are all robbers in my opinion the big companies.