What did most people have throughout the age's.?

what did most people have throughout the age’s.?

Interesting question…I suspect problems were similar to today yet less widely known due to bigger stigma and fewer avenues of help… Nowadays 3 of 5 suffer troubles with mental health… I think that’s what mind says. Yet there is nothing profoundly different I understand relative to genes or environment or spirituality… we are getting better at therapeutic things I hope.

A hard life. No one gets through this life unscathed.

i just lost one of my brain cells thanks to this question…lol :smiley:
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you still have 9349329493294923 left

too bad if you were to have 9349329493294924 you would’ve solved the most difficult mathematical equation ever known to man



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A beer gut…

At one stage a mother and father or else they wouldn’t be here.

An early death.