What did make you feel intimated in the past.....?

can you recall it?

000 :star_struck: :cowboy_hat_face:

Are you meaning intimate or intimidated?

guys that I have crush on



intimated excuse my spelling

check your spelling, @san_pedro

i learned a new word today. intimate haha. i have no idea what this thread is about.

@san_pedro Use this dictionnary, its the best:

in·ti·mate (2)



past tense: intimated ; past participle: intimated

  1. imply or hint.

“he had already intimated that he might not be able to continue”

  • state or make known.

“Mr. Hutchison has intimated his decision to retire”





past tense: intimidated ; past participle: intimidated

  1. frighten or overawe (someone), especially in order to make them do what one wants.

“he tries to intimidate his rivals”

Then girls now the voices saying their bill Clinton intimidate me

I used to have these thoughts like Obama is trying to kill me and he hired the CIA and FBI to do it. You meds are not working well man.

Naw the voices say that the illuminati is controlling me and the meds dont do any thing they also say all the presidents are part of it and trump is always telling me how to live they also say I am the only being that couldn’t quit cigs for a day and that iam going to hell for it forever thay also say that god is evil and tests people for eternal life by looking at their meanness actions involving food sex and relaxing

Oh dear. I didn’t realize food sex posed such a danger. And here I thought my doctor said to get more veggies into my system.



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