What could I do to save more money instead of spending all of it?

Some personal finances advices?

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I’m thinking about to open a new savings account to start saving money again from the beginning. I want to save money because I want to buy another house to me and to my parents. A house with garage, without stairs, and in a flat street.

Some advice?

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I recommend you turn the mattresses; it’ll make them last longer.


sorry no advice I can’t handle money - forget to pay bills so family does it for me.


Sorry, I didn’t understand.

spent less
save more…!!!

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I’m saving up most of my income for retirement. I learn from @77nick77 to keep a journal of every spending every evening and it helps me to decide if each spending is a must and what keeps me off from my saving targets. I spend less and my spendings habits become more rational less impulsive after then. I have an estimate of how much to spend each day. I just put that amount of cash into my wallet. I allows myself some extra cash to spend every month so that i can buy a little something.

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If money is a problem, one needs to have either less going out or more coming in or both.

One way to save money is to have less going out. Mattresses are a big investment, and they can be made to last longer if the mattresses are flipped regularly and rotated regularly.

Many steps can take to make what one already has last longer.


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Open a savings account and have a certain amount of money automatically transferred into it each month. That’s all you can do. Then figure out how to live on the remainder.

If you smoke, then quit or take up vaping. Cigarettes are probably a big drain on most finances.

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