What could be the reason?

I have talked about the mystery guy a couple times here.
I think he has a mental illness of some sort but it is not similar to mine at all. He is a great actor though (which does not work on me)

We talked for a while but I always got a weird vibe and noticed his bizarre actions.

Now it has been around 4/5 months I just stopped talking but still just see each other online sometimes (not on here)

Last week I congratulated him on fathers day and he replied kindly. Now today I just sent a message 5 hours ago to say I am traveling soon and what not, he did not even read it yet. (But I still see him online)

Should I block and delete him once and for all ?


Internet relationships can be hard. I married a girl I met on the internet once! Wouldn’t do that again but that was in the noughties and it wasn’t so weird. It certainly is a weirder world nowadays.

Two things. You seem affected…and need that contact…he doesn’t.

That isn’t a good relationship. Truly if he was interested, he’d be way more forthcoming and helping you out reading such things.

A mental illness with two people is often the hardest of things to achieve especially if it’s overseas or interstate! Money is often an issue and long distance relationships are hard enough to deal with…

I don’t know your situtation…but just wanted to point out some of the problems i’ve gone through over the years.

Keep well,



He might have not noticed it yet, but unless he is bothering you there really is no need to block and delete. I have a few contacts that for whatever reason only seem to chat with every few years.


Not sure what site you see him on, but if he is like me on this site, I never log off (because I never seem to be able log back in without changing my password), so it looks like I’m continuously ‘online’ when I’m not.
Maybe he is the same and although you see him, he isn’t really online?



I do not only see him online but also active + I text messaged him. I mean what would it take to reply a text message in 5-12 hours’ time? I am not expecting anything, only a safe travels and hope you are alright?!
I guess the only thing could be he simply does not want to interact with me at all but I still expect from others to act polite.

I will just let it go. :o)



Wise move. Players are players…you don’t hate the game…you have to hate the players.

Relationships are great…they need to be both ways though! It’s easy to lose yourself in someone and not get feelings and such back…there’s no rules. There’s no easy answers or questions. It is what it is and I think your making a good decision.

Be strong! Love happens when you expect it least…well at least those relationships that seem to last!

A friend in the struggle,


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