What coping skills do you have?

What coping skills do you have?
How to improve cognition?

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Gota go to your happy place. Comfy chair and something interesting on TV eating potato chips.


I have many coping skills to improve my cognition:

Good sleep hygiene
Studying Spanish and piano
Exercise (yoga)
Good nutrition


Is this are coping skills?

Taking time out.
Balanced lifestyle.
Well this is the aim.

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Writing poetry
Crossword puzzles
Being a mom
Watching hockey
Sleep if I can
Making sure I take my meds
Spend time with family and friends

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Coping skills: Make sure I am well hydrated, not overly hungry, and well rested. When these three things are in place I have a fighting chance of success. I also try to respond to things in life rather than react to them. And if I start getting too angry I just walk away and take a cool drink to clear my mind and emotions. And I choose my battles. Some things just are not worth a lot of effort but a few things are. Call a friend or someone else to vent, or just bounce ideas around. I stay away from caffeine because it makes me too edgy and nervous(I didn’t know that until I quit!).

Cognition building: Prayer, and learning something new that is a challenge(for me a new song to play on guitar). I do Sudoku puzzles, and physical exercise is very good for the brain.

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