What continent has the best food?

Gotta go with Antarctica. Those spam sandwiches are so friggin good. Can’t compare to the amazing Ethiopian/Eritrean food i’ve had, the amazing american/mexican food i’ve had, the amazing french/italian/etc… food i’ve had/the amazing japanese, chinese, thai food i’ve had. And the Australian candy I’ve had.

Definitely Antarctica.

Lol really it’s a really tough choice…but antarctica is the obvious loser so that’s why I said Antartica… Hehehehehhee

And south American food I forgot about them…but I like empanadas and pineapple and stuff

I can’t say one. My favourites would be Indian and Chinese though, so I might have to go with Asia.

what about south african XD

is that where you live??? I’ve never had south African food but my neighbors are south African…maybe they’ll invite me over one day??? Only African countries ive had food from is Ethiopian and Eritrean…I’m having that type of food for my birthday!

yea haha im from south africa.

nice dude you must tell them to make you a proper afrikaans braai, if u eat meat and everything else that goes on the braai u cant beat it. nothing comes close hahaa

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