What completely stupid things have you done whilst psychotic?

I have done a few tbh what about you

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Naked, chasing hallucinations of bunnies in my back yard because I needed them to nuke the sun and save humanity. That one always stuck with me. Was a wild. Got on the ward for that one.

Tied myself to the hood of a car and had the driver hit 100mph:

Various risky behavior sexually at swinger clubs.

Drugs to self medicate and make the voices more tolerable.

All that was before I was properly medicated.


None. Everything I did was smart.


Pissed on my kitchen floor lol

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Live at work, sleeping under my desk. Wake up and work and repeat. Hide in empty office spaces.

At least you got some interesting stories out of those things.

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Drove through the American Southwest and got lost listening to the voices tell me where to go.

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That made me lol

Danced down the middle of a busy two-way road…got put in the hospital for that.