What combination medications are you on for SZA?

Doctors are telling me the main way to treat schizoaffective disorder (SAD, or SZA) is the trifecta: Antipsychotic + mood stabilizer + antidepressant.

For me it is Lurasidone/Latuda + Lithium Carbonate/Lithobid + Sertraline/Zoloft.

After my big exam I stopped Zoloft because my doctor “did not think I was OCD and did not need it anymore” … OOOOPS!!

I became irritable, short tempered, everyone was at speed 4/5x and I was at 5/5x or just x = I was impatient and some other things. So I called after 3 weeks being off and said “I NEED ZOLOFT” and she put me back on 25 mg once a day and I feel just right again.

If it is not broke, do not fix it. Just because symptoms are gone does not mean stop the medications!

Anyways, what combination/cocktail/medications are you all on? What is working the best for you? What did not work well at all?

rexulti - atypical antipsychotic
saphris - atypical antipsychotic
Zoloft - antidepressant
topomax - mood stabilizer
prazosin - nightmares
Inderal - anxiety
Ativan - anxiety

the worst meds I’ve tried were lithium for mood and abilify for an ap


Did the lithium not work?

Abilify + Seroquel + Lexapro.

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I got lithium toxicity and was really sick for awhile

Clozaril, lithium, Lexapro, Latuda.
It’s taken a long time to get my meds right.


I love you Stella

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Took me 5 years … I empathize with you. It was absolutely torture, really was. Have hope and faith though!

It’s possible to treat depression and bipolar disorder with no medicines.

So lithium in the blood should be 0.6 - 1.2 mmol/L of blood, I am waiting on results to see where I am at which should be back today maybe or Monday. I have been on 900 mg twice a day so obviously 1800 mg daily but I am also 300 lbs, working on losing weight. I have been at 0.4 last readings and I feel great. Maybe once I lose weight, my doctor will lower lithium dose because less body weight for it to work with and through. Anyways, what did the lithium toxicity feel like? If you don’t mind me asking.

I remember about 2 weeks leading up to the incident that I kept losing my breath and having dizzy spells and serious chest pains that would cause me to have to take a seat and settle myself. I was seriously thinking something was wrong with my heart. Closer to the incident I began having bad joint pain all over my body. Then it all came to a head on evening and I landed in the ER with a “cardiac incident”. I had my cardiac enzymes go off the charts but if it was a heart attack it was very mild. They took a lithium level which later came back to be 1.4 if I remember correctly or maybe it was 4.2. The thing I remember the most was the next couple weeks of painful joints, no matter what I did it hurt. I missed my appointment with the cardiologist because I attempted suicide and was hospitalized. But have not had any further problems with my cardiac enzymes or other tests. But it scared me off lithium for good. The thing of it was I had just gotten my levels tested and they came back good. I blame myself for having a couple drinks, which was something I never had done on lithium before and is supposed to be a bad thing to do.

Latuda, depakote, zoloft

fat zyprexa 15mg and fat seroxat 40mg

160mg Geodon, Welbutrin, and Gabapentin for anxiety since the doctor I go to decided to stop prescribing benzos completely. I still hallucinate constantly and I think they are about to switch me to clozapine which is kind of scary.

I used to be on 200mg of seroquel and 20mg of zyprexa, but now I’m only on 200mg of seroquel.

doctor has mentioned that she thinks schizoaffective is a strong possibility and a therapist i was seeing said she thought i fit that bill the most too, im on an antipsychotic (abilify) and two antidepressants (prozac and wellbutrin) but no mood stabilizer. i would honestly like to try one but my nurse practitioner seems to think just upping the abilify will stabilize my mood so shrug

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My diagnosis is SZA bipolar type - mixed states, so no Antidepressant for me, just an AP and a mood stabilizer.
Risperidone and Depakote ER.

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Doctors are saying the trifecta is the best method with best results. Ask your doctor about it. I am not saying Latuda Lithium and Zoloft fit for everyone because they certainly do not, but consider the possibility. You should try to get back to feeling 90-100% capacity, I am at 95 right now, and it is amazing, a blessing from above. Just be honest with doctors, it will pay off.