What colors are you wearing?

I have faded navy pants w/a light blue shirt.

Same here - navy and light blue.

I’m wearing camo shorts and a green sleeveless shirt. It’s 95 degrees here, so I’m keeping it light and casual!



I have blue jeans on that are just starting to fade. and a blue shirt.

I’m wearing an orange Jazz Festival t-shirt and dark blue jean shorts. My socks have black and turquoise stripes, but you can only see the black above my shoes. My shoes are black, pink, and white.

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blue denim shorts, navy blue recovery music fest t-shirt and lime green checked short sleeve button up shirt that tends to get compliments and Birkenstock sandles.

Black T shirt with pink and white writing on front, med grey shorts with pink writing on left front part of the leg.
It’s 81.8 degrees inside my house, down from 87. 6 all day and night yesterday, because our air conditioner stopped working again.

Blue capri pants+ white t shirt.

Black shorts, light pink shirt

Black and black! I am wearing a variety I know.

Pink and navy blue, though after my shower I’ll be in red and grey

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Is this a trend? Everything I own is black.

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baby blue t-shirt and capri pants, with my lucky hot pink asic tennis shoes

From the movie Walk the line:
Vivian: John, what’s with the black? You look like you’re goin’ to a funeral!
Johnny Cash: Maybe I am…

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blue jeans, blue work shirt and a black hoodie…
take care

We’re not allowed to wear blue jeans to work except on Casual Friday. I’m wearing black pants, black shoes, red t-shirt, plaid shirt.

I’m wearing pink shirt with white jeans

Brown cotton short sleeve t shirt, blue denim shorts and white sneakers

well I’m still in my nightgown… :smile: its light green, with a light blue bathrobe over it, its winter and cold so I feel nice and snug. If I get dressed later I will probably put on a black skirt and turquoise hoodie.

I wear all colors in the rainbow.