What class are you according to the coffee you drink?(UK)

I got guilty middle class.


Well I’ve already lost. I don’t drink coffee.

Posh and proud !!!

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I’ve hardly ever had Costa or Starbucks coffee. The last time was when seeing the rehab and recovery team. I ordered a coffee that came in a long tall glass with a little saucer. My hand was shaking so much trying to take the glass on the saucer I had to take the glass in one hand and the saucer in the other.

I got strapped for cash. What did the european politicians have to do with anything?

“What class are you according to the coffee you drink?”

my class

I got strapped for cash I’m assuming because I always get mine from the supermarket plus they didn’t have a Tim Horton’s option because I think that’s only in Canada.

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That’s hilarious! :smile: I’m not posh at all, by the way.

“You’re a posh coffee drinker and you don’t care who knows it. You think the £9 coffee in that clever McDonald’s advert mocking hipsters sounds reasonable. You think Thermos is a Greek god. You feel where you buy your coffee is irrelevant because if you’re really hankering after a good quality one you’ll just pop over to Italy. You have a fancy percolator at home but you never use it because you’re too busy burning tenners in front of baristas and feeding bambinoccino to your pet swan.”

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I’m of the class who refuses to pay $7 for a cup of mediocre Starbucks coffee simply to have my name written on the cup.