What Civilized Tricks do You Want to Share?!

This thread is for posting about dressing faster, better way of putting on makeup, cooking hotter food, getting more done at work, spending more time playing with the kids outside and less time watching TV and Internet. The wonderful things we learn as we age. And the things that keep us young. I’ll share a couple.

Eat before you’re hungry. Know your limits and have healthy food available at all times. This way your not reaching for food while you’re at the computer. You’re more likely to pass on fast food and fatty snacks. And, it is possible to go days without that sinking feeling in your stomach.

Slow starters are fast finishers. Always have something on the back burner. Even if it’s just a simple hobby. This keeps things interesting and saves time in the long run. Sometimes when we look back we realize we got more done than we thought.

Also, using punctuation like in the title. Use question marks often. Use exclamation points seldom. Use them together sometimes like a chess grandmaster.

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I like your prose style. It’s clear.

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If only the skin on my face were as clear as my prose.

If your face were clear we could see inside of you, it wouldn’t work out very well probably.


Cooking is not as hard as it seems. Either is sewing buttons on pants and shirts. Always keep at least a half a tank of gas in your car at all time, it’s just safer and saves getting in trouble. Check the oil in your car frequently and also the air and coolant. You don’t need to change your oil every three thousand miles, you can go further that that without changing it. Keep your living space clean and neat, it will make you happier. Fung Shue and all that.

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Respect your need for rest
Making friends is easy if you’re doing stuff

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I try to never shop when I’m hungry… that way I don’t waste money on junk food and prepackaged stuff.

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Doing laundry, clothes are more comfortable the more times you wash them, soap goes a long way, presort into baskets as you undress, smaller loads, start the wash when the dryer is half done.

Today, If your neighbors don’t pick up after themselves then you have to do it yourself, you can lead a man to work but you can’t make him take a paycheck

Today, I’m not freezing for anybody’s interest, turn up the heat when it’s cold

Today, If you want to set the tone of a relationship, you have to be willing to do a lot of the hard work.

If you keep your mouth shut and open your throat when burping no one can hear the burp.
Except God. :scream:

Smoking makes it hard to burp, but quitting will bring back your burp

If you want to check how bad your breath stinks, you lick your arm, let it dry, then sniff