What chocolate do you like best

Hershey Hugs! They’re the best.

Anything from Europe. Especially British chocolate. They actually have different quality standards for their chocolate. For example Canadian chocolate contains like 30% wax with some exceptions.

I like all chocolates. It’s so good!

My favorite is milky way midnite it’s dark chocolate and nougat.

My all time favourite is TWIX

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If I absolutely had to choose,


I don’t eat chocolate that much because I have a slight allergic reaction to it. Nothing serious, just after eating the chocolate the back of my throat gets irritated. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to eat some now and again.

Lindt…Why did I stumble on this thread? I am on a diet…lol


They are amazing @anon90843118 - we get them in the winter holidays.

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These were my old flat mates favourite. I don’t think they make it anymore

Dark chocolate with orange peels?

I am with ninjastar, I like dove milk chocolate the best.

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White chocolate buttons

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