What causes sz?

I’ve read that the researchers r beginning to pinpoint the exact genes that. Contribute to yhe likelihood of getting sz. Something sbout the pruning of the brain in the late teens. What do u guys think about this?

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It’s likely to be a spectrum, with more than one cause!

Have you ever heard of the stress vulnerability model?

give it time for future…!!!

Thanks for the clarification!:libra:

I’ve heard of the fact that we as individuals r more susceptible to the negative effects of stress bride of the sz. Diagnosis. Could u explain this model please.

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And in a wiki: http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Diathesis-stress_model

the big question for me about he cause is… is it chemical/biological (a dopamine imbalance in the brain?)

or psychological in the mind, like jung says it’s affective (emotional)

my bet is on the 2nd but scientists just see everyone as a bag of chemicals, so it’s going to take a long time before that changes

I think environment + genes + trauma = Schizophrenia.

The Perfect Storm.


i agree, which means it is mainly psychological? genes play their part but the main problem is a person’s environment and experiences

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i wonder… i wonder a lot. whether some smart boffin has discovered a cure for sz… can it be so difficult? whether the drug companies who profit billions of $ from us have bought her off for a few million $ so they can continue selling drugs instead of a cure. i’m probably just being paranoid, go figure.

I guess because we’re only 1% of the population, the money isn’t a worthwhile investment for big Pharma.

they make a lot of money from us, regardless if we’re just the 1%
i don’t know they exact figures, but 1% is sz and then you have sza and bipolar
i’m sure they’re making billions of $ from us few %
anyway, it’s a lot of $

you know what i think?

if the shrinks and psychologists decided our madness was caused by our environment/our families
like freud found?

they wouldn’t tell us

they would be afraid of saying - your family caused your madness and are responsible for your suffering, over all the years

they would be afraid we would look for vengeance

can’t have us doing that.

Sounds fairly reasonable actually!