What causes muscle twitch?

My deltoids twitch many times a day. Its worse after drinking caffeine drinks like coffee.

With Risperdal even my eyelids twitched.

Is it bcz of lack of exercise?
How do you stop twitching?

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I think it is just a side effect of the med. I had it more on a higher concentration

I also have occasional akathisia after taking meds at night or after midnight during sleep.
I guess I can live with those side effects.
I got used to them.

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When I have akathisia I can’t sleep.
Do you have akathisia?

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no not anymore.

I used to have it for two months a long time ago. it is not pleasant.

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I get tremors in my hands and feet, sometimes muscle twitches. Like the other day my foot moved without me doing it. I get akasthisia. I’ve learned to put up with it.

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I get leg muscle twitches still and I had eyelid twitches also when I lowered my dose its from the meds

I have twitching as well in my legs and hands, I think its a side effect from the meds

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