What causes mental illness

The love of money is the root of all evil. Money makes the world go round. What causes mental illness? Money. Simple as that.

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How exactly does money cause all mental illness?

It can all be traced back to money.
That is the result of a life times work.

How can it all be traced back to money? Do you have any proof or are you just making wild unfounded claims?

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The only proof I can give you is if you look at your own story and you will see that it comes down to someone’s love of money

It really doesn’t. Not in my case.

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An imbalance of brain chemicals causes mental illness.

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Lol money isn’t evil…money as an idol is evil… Sin is the root of all evil… And even that doesn’t necessarily cause sz…

Have four kinds of ‘crazy things’ here – 1._sex abuser’s victims, rape victims, exwives of wealthy, unwilling mistresses, overly assertive business people end up psychotic sometimes. Do not talk to anyone you met through the abuser any longer, do not talk to self aloud, DO NOTHING CONFRONTATIONAL, do what you can to avoid following orders from voices and do not discuss this situation if you can help it. Voices can stop in 2-3 years, but really can last a lifetime. Lots of these are functioning professionals who got screwed and mistreated badly in some communities, so better to understand what is what when you are judging people you are told by voices to harass if you do thought broadcasting/stalking. Sometimes there is no work and meds do not deal with symptoms at all, bad insomnia too and meds refused by PDOC.
2._some who did not have psychosis before and just moved here, get to be crazy adult for 2-3 years unless you work in life/death job or government employee. Been some VERY cold harm to these people locally and tragedies if adult moves here and does not understand that a lot of people hear voices sometimes and they are fine a lot of time (after a year or so of dealing with it).
3._All else – came across someone at work who was causing crazy, social situation or hanging with wealthies at college. They try to send these to church to use them here for tithe or dirty business, unethical stuff. These do not understand group #1 does not have voices stop trying churches so makes really good harassers. Church in some places is nothing short of devil worshippers and NO WAY TO GET AWAY from some of these churches, get stolen from or threats of harm for trying to leave. Really prefer the atheist approach in my screwed up city as the stuff happening to the church people is COOOOLLLD! Just work and stay away from them is much easier task master. Got SO MANY different sickos claiming GAWD status, really not sure what is what in some cities. has a forum board for all cities/towns and there is nice list of which churches are a disaster…Is nice place to post scams.
4._Ran into wealthy person making slaves to use for favors/labor/maybe relationships. Some churches run this immediately…May be able to keep quiet about situation and just avoid them, maybe not. Will answer ‘calls’ from voices for favors from this person for LONG time. Keep quiet and live…Can be helpful situation with work offered and protection from some of the other local GAWDS.

Can catch crazy more than once btw. Taking job at event center hosting wrong thing is really COMMON way to get in trouble or just going to pagan, unlicensed therapy, psychic, NA/AA events, (other legit subjects hide amongst the trouble)…Is VERY tough scam to beat. Many professionals abandoned home and job to leave this kind of problems and move states away. No cops, politicans or attorneys care.