What causes forum burnout?

If you were to burn out on this forum, what would cause it? Are you sensitive to the sadness? Or not enough positive recovery oriented threads?

I find that the sadder I feel, I need this place even more. I don’t care if I have much to contribute, I’ll participate in conversation just to keep my mind busy. The worst thing is if I’ve read everything and I’m still feeling anxious.

I have seen some people say they are doing well and want to focus on their lives. That’s great! I can’t see myself becoming that. But I suppose if I got way into a video game I might take a break to play it for a few days.

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I’ve never felt comfortable sharing anything since schizophrenia, even an anonymous post. I do it though because I want to get over the fear of others or being judged or if people like me etc.

Posting too much or in my case too little causes forum burnout. Interesting really