What careers can i get involved in without a college degree?

i seen on a older post from last summer that someone was talking about mathematics and it got me wondering if i were to study math problems all day everyday and become well self taught in it do you think i would be able to take my skills i taught my self into the workforce market? or would i need a degree?

this morning i was watching how to make videos on how to make shoes and sneakers. then i also considered watchmaking.

has anyone ever heard of people being self taught in a work position? one that usually requires a college degree??

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It depends on the position and the hiring boss. If you can find someone willing to take a chance on you you might be able to get a job without a degree. But you’d probably need some sort of related experience or portfolio to prove yourself capable.


You can get a lot of different jobs without a degree,

Some that even say they require a degree.

A lot of times experience and skill are more important to an employer.

My husband hires people without degrees all the time because he values personality and talent above formal education.

Just put yourself out there and try!


thanks guys, if i do decide to try a career without a degree it will probably be something i can do at home


My dad was a surveyor for many years. Surveying takes a lot of math and he had only a high school education but he taught himself on the job to do trigonometry

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Are you kidding?

Got to start within your ability to do things.

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Web development???


I was in college for web development, it’s not too hard. You basically learn the aspects of creating a website and then use those rules to create websites for people. The money is good as well.

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Moving packages, sitting behind a cash register, and doing physical labor are the primary jobs. You are not very likely to be in an office unless your typing skills are fast.

If you have a truck or a trailer and a lawnmower that is an easy way to make money Spring till Fall.


Computer repair is pretty easy to get into. You can get CompTIA A+ certification for it with like a week of study (it took me 3 days, but I deal with computers quite frequently.)

I would have gotten into it if not for my bad elbows (repair requires a lot of screwing and unscrewing and lifting.)

Advertising a computer repair business on Craigslist with competitive rates could get you a steady income.


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