What can u do when u made a big mistake

It’s my past. But my mind is empty a lot of time and get constantly part of my horrible past getting into my working memory. I did wrong. It’s a man i love and i divorced him.and broke his heart. I hate myself.

It is difficult when it involves another person. Unlike things you can sell and buy, people are not that easily to forgive and forget. I, too, am learning how to handle situation like yours.

Regrets are part of life, sometimes you have to find a way of just living with the pain.

This is one of the sayings of AA:

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.


“Gotta learn to live with regrets” jay z

It’s a mantra for me. Whenever I hear the word regret I think of that song. Now I live with regrets better

Better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all. Some people have never experienced true love :v:t2:️ Appreciate it and move on


I regret my divorce too. I’m sorry you are hurting. Please try to find hope. I wish I could send you flowers.

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ive never been married before but it sucks when you lose someone you care about you just have to be your own person and know who you are and why you are where you are to begin with so that you wont make more mistakes.

I thank him for our love and our time together. I remember everything between us. They would be my memories for a lifetime. I would love him forever. I thank him for everything. I am just afraid memories would fade and i can’t ruminate over my man when i get old for life is long.

When we.were young, he was so crazy about me. I wish those sweet days could be longer.

Regrets make me love him even more. I’m willing to do everything for him. It’s just that i have sz. If i dont and if i can think striaght, maybe we are still together.

I intend to bless him and thank him and admit i love him every time i think of him.

I’m setting him free because i love him. He deserves a more easy life and more happiness and more success. A life with me is too demanding to him. I am willing to leave him and let him start over without me.

I meet bad luck and do sth wrong every the other day. Cant make him pay the bills for me all the time. I think he would do better without me because he still want to achieve a lot. He refused to have me in his life again. I would accept it. It’s my way of loving him now that i have sz. It’s really not sth i should do to ask him share my poor life with me. Its haunting to every human being.