What can this behaviour mean?

Apart from the usual negative symptoms like lack of motivation anxiety etc.,. associated with sz I have these additional symptoms

Additional symptoms :

  1. Cannot decide for sure when I have to make a decision be it regarding career or as simple a task like playing video games or switching on the laptop. Basically indecisiveness. Even to order food from outside this happens.

  2. Excessive overthinking

  3. Constant checking and rechecking whether I have locked doors or not and other such things.


These sound like OCD symptoms but I am no Dr, report them to your Dr.


Trouble with decision making can be a sign of executive dysfunction. It’s a common symptom of ADHD, though I believe it can also be a cognitive symptom of sz as well.

Excessive overthinking isn’t really a symptom so much as a trait present in those with anxiety disorders and/or depression.

Constant rechecking of things can be indicative of issues with anxiety, or if severe enough and involving ritual, (ie I must make sure I locked the door 16 times before I can leave), it may be a sign of OCD. Alternatively it could signify issues with memory, another cognitive symptom of sz.


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