What can prevent excessive ear wax build up?

Im tired of going to the dr every 3 months to have my ears cleaned

My Mom told me to take claritan everyday but i dont know if that would help

They have devices that you can buy for doing that at home. I havnt looked for one, but I’m sure that you could find one on an Amazon search, or just an internet search in general.

Edit: Just looked on Amazon and there are multiple kits there. Most of them fairly cheap.

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Oh you could totally get one with a camera on the end so you can see what you’ve got inside your ears. You have to be careful not to go too deep with these kits though.

Also you probably already know this but if you use qtips, make sure you’re not using them inside the ear canal. That will push wax further into the ear causing impacted wax which in turn can cause hearing loss or ear drum damage.

Kinda gross but I’m lucky my wax is like the consistency of honey, so it just drips out if I forget to clean them for a while. I can’t imagine the frustration of having build up that actually stays in the ear.


Warm water kits work well.


I use qtips in my ear canal all the time.
Most people do

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For me it’s the opposite. I used to get a standard amount of wet earwax,which is common for those who have European ancestry. However I’ve had an extremely small amount in the last year or so.

Earwax and DNA


I used to get way in there so I get it. It really is a bad idea though. Doctor says it’s dangerous to do so I stopped. Even though I didn’t want to because it felt nice but when I looked it up, all the reputable sources say the same.

I understand that I probably won’t change any minds here. Just sharing some info. Feel free to disregard if you feel like.

I will suggest doing a quick Google search on the topic though.


This is what I use every so often. It really helps.

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My doctor tells me to put olive oil in my ear once a week and it will help the ear wax come out more easily on its own. You have to lie down on your side and let it sit for a while - I found its better to leave it in for about 6 minutes. I also heard warming the oil up slightly can have better effects too.

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From googling ear wax omega 3

Excessive cerumen buildup may signify a deficiency in omega 3 fatty acids . Speak to your doctor about increasing your intake of omega 3 if you tend to build up too much earwax. Some excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids include: walnuts.

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I barely produce wax anymore as I got addicted to qtips/cotton buds to clean my ears.

Wax naturally protects the ears, so if you submerge your head in hot (warm) water in a bath, it could melt the wax and keep your ears clean. Do this daily but never stick anything in your ears. I think some Doctors have a joke where they say never put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear lol


Yeah I know that doctors don’t recommend it.
But I do it anyway…

You are right @bittercat


I always thought earwax built up bc of people nagging and giving me hassle :frowning: at this rate I think I might go deaf lol


I was deaf in the ear once for about 6 months on a waiting list

The doctor had a suction machine - which was far more efficient than the water spray

He showed me the lump of wax.

It was gross

Some people get it bad though

I was told to use olive oil drops to keep it soft so it didn’t block my ears, but I am not good at self care right now

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