What can one do to combat loneliness?

It’s an aching in my heart or sometimes a dullness. Anyway, it bothers me especially at night.

i started filtering my on demand to movies for me. they became more meaningful movies. don’t know if you have that. also, phone calls and texting can help as well as hobbies. read an article saying loneliness has become an epidemic, maybe there is comfort knowing we are not alone in this loneliness. ironic.

I’m on the same situation, I’m lonely with no one to talk, I don’t know what to do with that. I tried everything, I was doing fine in sports but I quit.

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I had the gym, but it closed.

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interacting online with people who have similiar interests…

The conflict comes in when I want to be alone to mourn. I need time to mourn.

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im not really a new user but i can’t post links here yet

I’m lonely.

I found out one of the men downstairs was complaining of loneliness. I didn’t help me much, however. Also, he’s gone now.


I feel lonely in my illness.i know that’s a stupid saying.

I don’t think that’s stupid @Roxanna. Anyone with an illness can’t always join in the fun so is going to be prone to loneliness.

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True. I’ve not been myself


Where do we all belong? Maybe on a toilet seat. Another sense of belonging from anal chordy.

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