What can make a brighter tomorrow?

does anyone ever think about the future?

i never use to but since being stable on a good med i have been thinking i am more able to do things.

has anyone got any plans?

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I been doing fine for 3 months,but I don’t have any plan yet…I guess I will wait a little while more,hopefully I had more plan in future…currently I am trying nofap to see if I can get into better health mentally and physically

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I don’t have any plans in the future, making it through the day without killing myself is hard enough

I spend the last month thinking about this. I cant do much each day I have limited energy plus cognitive and physical and emotional restraints. I might try packaging or security guard. But I don’t think I can keep working 8 hours a day. Even 6 hrs a day is too much for me. I don’t think I can keep the job for more than a few months. It isn’t the solution to my problems. I need a stronger and healthier body to do anything. I actually haven’t began to take care of my health issue with psychiatric drugs. And I need meaning in my life.

So I am trying to take care of my physical and cognitive and affective symptoms. I find there are good stuff I haven’t tried before. I look forward to some relieve of my physical problems. So I intend to spend a year on treating my body and reading about a few issues to better understand my health problems. So far the results are good. I will give my body the time and condition to heal.


a bigger light bulb.
take care