What can i do to reduce the need for sleep

I sleep way too much 12 hrs every night…as im on 650mg of clozapine and 300mg of Seroquel…what can I do to reduce the need for sleep

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How about quality of sleep? Do you sleep well? Do you wake up refreshed?

I sleep too well, but 12 hrs is excessive…my day is suined as I go to sleep at 6pm

Yes, 12 hours is excessive. I used to sleep 14 hours until last year.
Your medication could be responsible.

But another reason could be that you don’t spend your energy during the day. Let’s say you wake up at 7 am. What’s your schedule ? How do you use your 12 hours of awake time ?

If it is from the meds the only way is to be on less sedating APs.

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