What can be done to rehabilitate the insanity defence?

How does the insanity defence have to do with the poor and black ppl?

While its rare for a mentally ill to commit crimes, the insanity defence is real, forensic psychologists, psychiatrists, mental illness lawyers and judges all together decide if someone did a crime on purpose or was “unconscious” and out of reality. Without meds I hear voices tell me to kill people even my family and myself. I won’t say what happened to me but Police was on my side when they knew I had sz and wasn’t taking my pills.

They told me to never stop my meds again and that’s why I take them now. Yes, police helped me psychiatrically as I was refusing taking meds or seeing my psy. I hang up without talking when my psychiatrist called me to renew my meds prescription and for an apt.

I had a forensic psychologist teacher in university who works with the police and he told us many shocking and sad true stories like a sz who killed his mother from paranoia etc

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Lots of people everywhere that don’t understand fully mental illness bcz they don’t have it or don’t have it as severe, I only feel comfortable with my psychiatrist. He understands me even more than my family and any one here but I still love my family and you guys.

Back in 2008 when I was unmedicated and really bad, I committed domestic violence on my mom who I was living with. I wasn’t criminally prosecuted, but got a court order to be admitted to the State Hospital. Prosecutors can choose not to prosecute a case.

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Human beings always have a visceral reaction to heinous crimes, mental illness or not.

The insanity defense is rarely used, and it’s even rarer to succeed, especially after it was used successfully in the Hinkley trial (1982).

Yea it also depends on the country, here in Canada its more used than in the US. We had many cases.
I am not saying its good, just different laws for each country. I call Canada a health country because healthcare is free and they focus a lot on health. I am lucky to be in Canada.

I would be dead in my country Syria bcz there was no psychiatrists or meds back when I was there. They lock all the mentally ill away very far from the city forever under non-humane condictions law controlled “prison”.

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