What can .5 mg Haldol be doing for me

I’m wondering what .5mg Haldol is really doing for me (that is 1/2mg). I’ve been on this dose for years and some even say that it is not really enough to prevent psychosis. Maybe I have improved quite a bit.


The same thing 0.5 mg of Risperdal is doing for me. A lot!


Count yourself lucky you can get away with such a low dose, It means less chance of side effects.

You could talk to your doctor about stopping it so you can see what happens, but many times when patients quit their meds and become psychotic, then go back on them, they have to go back on a higher dosage.

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I am on 10x that dose lol 5mg risperidone. Used to be on 6mg.

I had a pdoc take me off that dose and I got very agitated 9 months later. The neighbors called the cops on me. You never know what will happen when you stop meds. It is hard to predict.


I’m on 4mg haldol but need my original dose 5mg to get rid of aggressive and violent thoughts and feelings, so will ask pdoc to raise it back to 5mg.

I’m on a Haldol like stuff named Clopixol depo 500 mg every 3 week that is the same as Haldol depo 250 mg every 3 week.