What caffeine source works the best


Caffeine Pills

Coffee isn’t cutting it anymore. Do I dare try caffeine pills?


Caffeine pills are so strong they’ll make you crazy. I wouldn’t do it


Yeah you are probably right.


You could try redbull or Yerba mate


I get a real boost from energy drinks for about a week. Then they sort of wear off.


I use caffeine pills every once in a while. They’re only 200mg, same as is in a couple cups of coffee.


My problem is I might overdo it. Every once in a while sounds good.


I think the caffeine pills work better for me. I only take one and only if I take it before 8am.


I drink energy drinks and get quad shot lattes at Starbucks. Caffeine addiction is real. I need to try the pills sometime.


I went and picked up this stuff called no/explode from gnc, and it is way stronger than coffee. i could drink a pot of coffee without it affecting me too much but this stuff was ridiculous, i could only do 2 or 3 scoops before getting jittery. i picked it up for ed issues (nitric oxide) but didn’t realize how much caffeine it had.

anyways it’s a little expensive but something to consider. i believe it had about 8 times the amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee as it was intended to be used as a pre workout supplement for meatheads


Well, I would stay away from caffeine pills because you can die. I heard Red-line is pretty powerful. I won’t touch that crap.


Sadly caffeine doesn’t do anything for me. I think I’m immune!


I think maybe trying to self-medicate might be part of the problem. Although these are all legal and not in the same league as street drugs, maybe you just need to stop all of the extra stuff and give your body a chance to re-calibrate. Let your prescribed meds work and see if your feelings of being tired or lethargic work themselves out. I know I probably sound like i just don’t know what I’m talking about, but looking back, every time I used any substance to try to correct certain problems, they just ended up causing more undesirable symptoms and side-effects.


I appreciate the concern at @eighteyedspy23. I didn’t take supplements for over 3 years and my mood and cognitive functions were lacking. Really the only stuff I take that isn’t recommended by this website is Bacopa, Ashwagandha, and Gotu Kola. My mood has never been better. I tried to go without the stuff and I had a really depressed mood. It’s good stuff.


There’s an energy drink sold by Amway called XS. Best out there. Totally worth the money :moneybag:


I prefer coffee black hot or cold. I get the caffeine without the calories.


Coffee makes me psychotic. I can only tolerate tea.


I have been using energy drinks to combat the grogginess/ tiredness I feel from my APs when I have to get up and do something in the morning. I hate having to do it, but otherwise, to stay awake and alert, I have t skip my morning meds.


You can try the caffeine and l theanine pills they have at NootropicsDepot. They’re supposed to be pretty good.