What burden are you carrying?


Thankfully none right now.

I’m carrying the burden of never feeling like I’m good enough or do enough for those around me.

I was raised to share my surplus with others and always give of myself, so I feel incredibly selfish whenever I do something that puts myself first and not last.

I wouldn’t call it a “burden”, more of a purpose.

My purpose right now is to make money and support my family, maybe find a girlfriend.

Simultaneously I have to publicize the methods I found that seem to have put schizophrenia in remission, via book and blog possibly. They’re not cheap though. But also I don’t dare to make money off of those methods, just posting sources.

I guess the only thing I’d call a “burden” is being mortal and aging, and eventually dying.

My schizophrenia, there is no meds for my severe negative symptoms my psychiatrist said. I stay in bed all day everyday and gained 155lb. I feel I will die soon from a heart attack.

@Aziz consider lysine supplementation. That will severely lower your clotting / heart disease risk. It can actually reverse heart disease even.

I wasted enough time and money on supplements.

Sza has given me mood swings lately and maybe some mild delusions about family life but otherwise my eyes have been bothering me recently. I have crossed eyes and I tend to ignore one depending on what I am doing so one is pretty weak. Driving sucks. I tend to just take short trips around town.

Right now is worrying about my ex wife dying from cancer possibly…it is heavy on my heart.

I carry heavy burdens that I can barely function. I’ve done so much wrong. I don’t deserve happiness and peace. I will carry my burdens til the day I die.

Thanks for commenting everyone. I drew that to understand how self-stigma impacts me. It’s so difficult right now for me. I hope that the burden lessens for all of us.

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You do deserve happiness and peace. I hope you get a peace of mind.

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Your put it in remission? Awesome! Congratulations. I saw you trying to do that for a long time on here. :slight_smile:

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You definitely deserve happiness and peace. Sending hugs to you :love_letter:


So do you @anon10648258 :two_hearts:

Thank you so much :heart:

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As little as possible. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have largely helped me unburden myself over the years.

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I don’t carry a burden, I am the burden!
I am a big burden to my parents and my brothers.

Maybe right now, yes, but that’s today. Don’t beat yourself up about tomorrow before it happens.


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