What brings you peace?

for me it’s nature and the wonderful and awesomeness of it all.


Listening some music, riding my bicycle and so on

I’ve gotten my stress pretty much figured out. Waking up is the worst. Takes 45 minutes or so for that post dream return to reality crash to get sorted out and off the center stage.

What brings me peace is being peaceful in my mind. When my thoughts are focused on something that isn’t my psychosis.

These forums bring me a lot of peace.

I bring myself a lot of peace.

And of course music.

Also seeing the trajectory of my recovery and knowing that the experience will only get easier over time. Left the house last night for about an hour. Stopped in at my brothers, nothing was really bothering even though I had symptoms. At first at least, it slowly started to stress me out and then all of the sudden I realized how hungry I was. Also my brother was drunk, he’s embracing alcoholism as a way of life. He’s proud about it too. That was pissing me off more than anything. So another fifteen minutes driving around to get to mcdonalds and get a burger. I was wound up for sure after that. I got home though and it all passed pretty quickly.

dreaming of something i will probably never have

lots of things, “fast cars and freedom”

I also really love nature. This winter I did motoneige and it was snowing, it was so beautiful and peaceful, I can’t forget the experience. I also had Trout tartar, raw fish, it was heavenly. I love raw food. I love laying in the sun for hours, talking to my close friends. Currently, I’m always lost in my mind, sleep is the only things that’s bringing me peace until I wake up. But still, I have a great life. Reading about what other people are going through like me also is bringing me peace. I found this site very helpful :o)

Victory over ignorance of the truth and confusion as well as the reality of being conquered myself of an even higher power.


-when I’ve got enough money
-when my kids are healthy and happy
-walking with my dog in the park
-when I’m not in pain
-the way my boyfriend looks at me
-finishing writing a story, play or poem I worked hard at


Peace of mind comes from a roof over my head… and knowing I have people who are on my side.

What brings me peace… a center of calm is nature and the open spaces and the parks I work in.


Lots of things bring peace to me:
Sitting at the window with good view;
Sipping at a cup of good quality tea;
Doing meditation with or without spa music;
Reading an inspirational essay by a favorite author;