What brings comfort to you that is healthy?

I have this issue where there are only 2 things that can comfort me and bring me out when I get into a ptsd trauma coma. Food or alcohol.

When I am in these “trauma comas” I become paralyzed and cannot move from bed, am overwhelmed with feelings of being disturbed and like I am losing my mind.

I want to break the cycle of me being dependent on food and alcohol. They are dangerous things to be dependent like that on. But I simply don’t know how. There is nothing else that brings me the same comfort and can “snap me out” of the traumatized state like a pint of ice-cream or a half glass of vodka. Nothing. (Note i limit myself to drinking alcohol once a week so usually it is the ice cream)

Does anyone who has experience with this state have advice? Or anyone who has broken dependence on these things have advice?


I find comfort from movies sometimes. There are some really good movies for free on the internet - “Angel Heart”, “Town without Pity”, “Inherit the Wind”. If you’ve got Netflix you have a much wider choice.

Usually when I’m in this state I cannot focus on something like watching a movie unfortunately, and most of the time can’t even bring myself to turn one on.

I guess actually another thing that really helped me was having to go to work. It forced me to get moving and into another mindset. School worked a similar way.

I need to get a job :sob:

Action movies, vodka, and l -theanine…

Reading books and coffee! :coffee::books:

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Tea and talking for me!

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Stuff that allows me to shift gears a little bit. Taking a shower, riding my bike, writing an email. But I acknowledge what I’m feeling first, if I’m sad or mad or whatever. That helps. Then I try to turn down the intensity of what I’m feeling by getting moving doing other things, or just doing breathing or grounding exercises. If I feel really bad, then I know it’s just going to be a low kind of day, and my goal is just to get through it and look forward to when I can go to sleep again and start anew the next day.

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Exercise helps, although I’m in a slight hiccup due to relapsing on drugs. After a good workout, I find that I’m physically and mindfully tired. This comforts me in knowing I’ll get a proper night’s sleep. I know exercise is tough for many of us, but even 20 minutes a day is beneficial. Put on some music and go for a walk.

I try to escape into a hobby. Hey as long as there healthy hobbies what’s wrong with a little escape :blush:
For me it’s learning programming , or tinkering with my bike, or just doing a little yard work.

Fruit and tea, all I can think of. Exercise too.

If you can handle raw veg that’s good too.

Family, and the fact that I’ve improved and some of you guys did too

I like oatmeal with boiled water (no microwaving, it ruins the texture) with a couple hard boiled eggs and a tall glass of milk. Sometimes I throw in a banana. It’s a pretty healthy meal, and I usually follow it up with an hour on the exercise bike. It gets me going after I first wake up. I always watch something on Netflix or Hulu while I’m biking.

Alcohol has its place but it’s mostly just escapism. You can’t live it every day.

Family, meds, sleep and videogames.

LS! A large pot of organic white tea Pai Mu Tan.

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Go swimming, in the sea or indoor.
Be with animals.
Just be alone and on this forum.

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Age regression (inner child therapy)

Photography is my hobby that keeps me going and keeps me positive. Finding stuff that is beautiful or interesting and sharing it with others is great therapy. Gets me out of the house daily.

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I don’t think there is anything that brings me comfort that is unhealthy.

being with my kitties, eating good food, talking to my aunt on the phone, spending time with my daughter, early morning walks are just a few.

I am listening to quieter music lately like Jonn Serrie. Even when I listen to music on headphones I turn the volume way down to make my ears and nerves relax a bit more.

Gratitude is a habit so I have been trying to jot down little things I am grateful for each day.

I have to take more time to rest and can’t solve a lot of problems right now until I am stronger. My family isn’t used to this, but they are mostly accepting of it.