What brand of coffee you drink

Lavazza, red.


Nescafé gold blend. It’s instant.

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Chocolate chip Frappuccino from Starbucks. No whipped cream.


I drink Alcafe gold from Aldi. It’s half the price and tastes alright


I just had my afternoon coffee. I rode my bicycle in the morning. When I lived in Atlanta I used to buy coffee beans at the farmers market and grind these to make coffee. I bought many different kinds of beans. I wanted to have Jamaica’s blue mountain coffee but I have not yet tried it. Came to my mind how I had strong espresso coffee in one morning in one Venezuela’s village when I travelled there in 1996. I just like coffee.


I drink dauwe Egberts and the home brand of carrefour, And occasionally I go to Starbucks as a treat.

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Folgers and Nescafé instant


I’m not much of a coffee drinker but sometimes a dunkins coffee will do the trick for me

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Nescafe instant or sometimes the dollar store brand

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Stahbux. My fiancée works there, so we get some for free.


Starbucks, donut shop, Walmart brand, nescafe, cafe bustello instant coffee and some others… my favorite so far is Starbucks cinnamon dolce…

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I buy a gourmet brand whole bean and grind them myself. I have a hand grinder and an electric grinder. My main two ways of preparing coffee is either with the French Press or Turkish.


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I use the French Press, too.


I stopped drinking coffee recently. The mind altering effects of coffee are too good to be true. I’d rather not play around with fire

I drink store brand dripolator decaf coffee.

I’m drinking a cup now, black.

I usually buy Moccona instant coffee from Taobao. It’s a brand from holland.

I drink Folger’s Classic Roast.

I prefer OP’s


Peets French Roast.

Or when I go to DisneyWorld, I pick up Joffrey’s French Roast. DW has amazing coffee.

Chock full o nuts