What books do you read?

I bought today silva method audible…

But I prefer physical book….

But I wanted it fast, to listen to while working

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I want to try that silva mind control method… I like visualisations and meditations to solve problems and make life better… I will give it a try

Philosophy, autobiographies

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I got given a bookstore voucher for my birthday on Monday and got Tyson Fury gloves off and Dawn of the dead. The genre I read varries.

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History, politics, religion, fantasy and sci fi.


Young adult/fantasy mostly, mental health books, cook books, and a little smut. I don’t read smut as much as I use to

I find it hard to read “adult” fantasy books so young adult books is my jam


I started reading this, it’s quite interesting simple structure but has sense, better then those famous book which is good to read but useless, I will try to manifest, positive outcome

I also got yesterday drawing manga for beginners from 3dtotal publishing, it’s an art book and very good I think all 3d total publishing books are amazing just little expensive

I also want to have some fantasy book , or I will try to read manga, I have dune it’s science fiction, but I never read much of it, maybe that book isn’t for me

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