What art supplies do you have?

I don’t have any just few sketchbooks and regular hB B B1ect. Pencils

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Time to stock up on the art supplies then. You got more than me which is I have nothing.

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I have my sketchbooks and my phone but thats it



I generally draw in charcoals. I recommend getting the softest you can find, and cheap newspaper type paper for sketching.

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I mostly use pens and shaded markers though because I am a designer

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I have a couple of sketchbooks, a bunch of pencils with varying degrees of soft/hardness, and a bedroller full of painting equipment


I have a pretty old collection of acrylic paints and brushes and a sketchbook. Havn’t used them in long time though unfortuneatly

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LS! I have about four calligraphy pens. I have not used them for a year. And two plastic recorder flutes.

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I have watercolor paints and paper.

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This is some of my warhammer paints. I would put more pictures up by apparently I’m a new user even though everyone knows I’ve been here for years. image


I have a couple of sketchbooks and I use regular pencils. I need to upgrade my supplies :weary:

Tons of beads, pliers for beadworking, strings, etc.

I had a big bin of art supplies I got cleaning out a place, kept them for years but never used them, gave them to a gal with two kids, i was a big hit for a day, they loved them

I have several canvas panels and oil and water paints and acrylic paints many sketch books and pencils and color pencils and soft pastels brushes for different paints and painting knives and art journals plus a stack of pictures for reference. I built this up over several years.

I hate my artwork so i quit. Its ok ill just focus on piano.

I’m getting a collection of acrylics and sundry for flames of war. Bought a cheap stand to hold the paints and it’s mainly Vallejo. I’ve seen some of your work you’ve posted. Very cool!

I keep buying paintbrushes whenever I see them on sale :stuck_out_tongue:

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