What are youre stressors in life right now?

Right now mine are my sleep schedule is out of whack, taking care of two houses and my parents and dog and three cars.

What relieves my stress is riding my bike, playing drumsett, driving and racing remote controlled cars and excersizing and eating tasty food. and having my loved ones in the best health and wellbieng as possible.

Arguments with my husband, going out with him to places in the car ( I HATE driving and he has epilepsy so can’t drive by himself, needs someone to be with him), cooking with meat or chicken for hubby (im vegetarian and hate to buy and handle dead animal flesh).

What relieves my stress is reading books, listening to music, walking on the beach, going to the library, or eating chocolate. Or a back scratch or hug from hubby. :smile:

I miss going to the beach.

I am 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and there is a beach that has restaurants and a Dairy Queen and somtimes live bands playing.

Anything that walks, talks, or moves.

I’m actually going to therapy and trying to improve my life. I expect to become totally unhinged by the end of the month. But I’m gonna do it anyway.

Of course any sz symptoms…but, Still in high school, so waiting for college return letters. My father can’t drive due to having become mostly blind over the past year and my mother has trouble walking currently from damaged balance in her ears. I am trying to care for them and find peace in studying even if it sometimes makes no sense.

However, there is great relief in reading, spending time with friends, and enjoying.

my stress is i wanna find out who spread rumour during i have schizophrenia 。。and let he or she became an animal in after life.

Stressors: Not many at present, but the few there are, are big. I’ve got the bitch from the state who wants me to have to get rid of my dogs, and the Latuda they put me is making me dream about my dead girlfriend, so that’s not cool, and the other dream I am having is of my current GF getting pregnant and dying from complications. My final stress is that I just found out my new home has a tax deficit, because the property isn’t registered with the federal government and hasn’t been for the 67 years it has been a separate property from the one it used to be…

My stress relievers are my dogs, my GF, my Roommate, and my best friend who came up for a visit this weekend and to help me move. I also enjoy reading and online play by post roleplay, which helps me act out what the voices want me to do.