What are your voices really saying?


Through therapy, I’ve learned to try and interpret what the voices are really saying.
For an example, when they tell me to die, it means I’m in a stressful situation I shouldn’t be in, and I need to change it.

When they tell me nothing I do matters, they’re reflecting my own feeling of worthlessness.
And when they say bad things about me, my brain is trying to prepare me for having others say that, so it won’t hurt as much if/when they do.

So… What do your voices say, and what are they really saying?


They either are poetic random words and phrases by Annette or “die die” by Louisa, the bad cop. The good cop, Isidore, is helpful. Goddess Annette does the running commentary


I heard voices arguing about money but i didn’t understand quite well what they were saying. Other voices called my name but Loud. edit Could my voices be what i am afraid of most?


Some people think that negative voices and things like nightmares, is the brain’s way of preparing you for scary things do they won’t be as scary when they really happen.


When I was in high school I would always dream of a tidal wave consuming me, I try to run and I get no where. I guess it’s pretty much been like that in a way. Guess I wasn’t prepared for life.


Well since i’ve started taking the Clozaril, i haven’t heard my voices so far. However, when i did hear them, only one ever really spoke directly to me and he said mostly negative stuff. Otherwise the others used to just say random things, mostly to themselves. It’s good your getting this kind of therapy though.


I take medication regulary. I work towards a stressfree life.i got absolutely no problems with voices.


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