What are your thoughts on keeping a pet while you're on disability?

I think it’s ok legally but I am hesitating a bit.

Because you can’t even support yourself and you keep a pet? Idk if it’s the right thing to do.

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I have two birds I support them well

Keep their cage clean (unlike the rest of my apartment), feed them and give them water…but I love animals…but if you don’t think you can care for them then id suggest against not. But I love them so much not even a disability gets in my way of caring for them


If you are able to care for one then I say go for it. But you should definitely think twice before you get one. Having a pet is not easy. If you are not 100% sure you can deal with it then don’t get one.


yeah, but I think caring for a pet helps you take better care of yourself

in some ways, anyway.
My dog llasa-poo, highly recommend,

but can cost up to $60 a shot for grooming every few months,
and she gets ear infections, and bladder infections sometimes,

and those meds can cost another 60. I also feed her Iams,
which you can now get at Family Dollar for cheaper.

I’ve got a fensed in back yard, but she’s a people person
and won’t be out there long without me, just to do her business,
or if we’re hanging clothes out.

I too think of petting a tiny small dog…
but i have same thought that what if i couldn’t take care of them…!!! :+1:

I mean is it ok to keep a pet while you’re financially dependent?

I don’t think my message came across

I’ve never thought of things like that,

it’s your money.

That’s right
I feel too guilty about not working.

My old days doctor thought it would be really good for me to get a dog. I am not so sure. I mean some weeks I don’t go out at all - don’t think it would be fair on the dog.

Seems thoughtful. For that, I think you actually deserve a dog and the dog deserves you.


It takes a lot more than just thoughtfulness to properly care for a dog.

Yes. But thoughtfulness itself produces the right thoughts that would be necessary to care for the dog and the owner is treating himself by conversing with his own inner “demons.”

Nah dogs are pretty hard work

I say dogs especially

Cats less so

But dogs are like having a child

It is necessary but by itself it is far from enough. I had a dog with my ex, I loved her to pieces, but it would be wrong of me to take her when we broke up. Dogs especially are a lot of work and way too many people get dogs even though they are not cut out for taking care of them.

Hard? You pay for one big bag of food that costs like 20$ and lasts for almost months.

The dog really is only as good as his master. Everything I learn about how to treat myself is learned from the dog.

I’m still learning. I’m also the only one who cares for my own dog and my mother’s dog.

Am I breaking my back here by caring for it? Not at all.

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Too hard for some, myself included, yes. Caring for our dog made me a lot sicker and less functional because of the extra stress. If it comes easy to you, consider yourself lucky. I would love to have a dog again but it wouldn’t be fair to the dog.

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My sister has a puppy

Gotta teach it how to potty
Give it treats constantly
Train it
Never keep it alone too long

I dunno I couldn’t handle it

But I’m not very organized

Maybe u can but I think a lot of ppl with sz couldn’t


My dog is like a therapy dog,
she’s so good with my son,

helps every morning, to get him breakfast,
to get him dressed, and bath time,

cuz my son has hard time transitioning.
Yeah, she actually thinks she’s me.

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All my dog does is sleep.

Now I don’t even put him on a leash to go outside. Am I bragging? Hell yes I am!

But in stark contradiction what I hear is a different kind of pride that comes from the “it’s too hard” party.

Did it come easy? You’d have to dig into my own memories to see if it was.

If you can’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of another being, it’s that simple. If you’re able to hold it together to keep a pet for almost twenty years, than it’s okay, why not?