What are your thoughts on cbd as a form of treatment?

During the past three, four years, I have been experimenting with cbd rich marijuana. My experience with it has been nothing short of a breakthrough: a reduction in symptoms (both + and -) and an ability to function at a higher level than when medicated on psychotropics.

What is the consensus around this in the schizophrenia community? Is the feeling that it is “still pot” and therefore not taken seriously or are people diagnosed discussing it as a potential treatment option?

I have been blogging my findings for the past eight months along with what I believe to be useful information for persons dz with schizophrenia: http://cbdpush.com

I would like to take what is written on this thread and discuss it in my blog. Thanks in advance for your reply.


I pass on experimenting with smoking CBD filled strains of marijuana - I am waiting for FDA approved CBD based antipsychotics to come out - even if it takes years

CBD does have antipsychotic properties, and shows promise in treating both negative and positive symptoms in clinical trials.

However, it’s difficult to dose properly through the delivery of smoking marijuana. And it’s effects can be unpredictable.

I’m glad that it works for some people, but as both a patient and a nurse, I will prefer to wait until CBD has been developed into a consistent and predictable medication approved by the FDA and psychiatric community.

I admire your work though! It’s definitely interesting and possibly helpful for people who cannot tolerate approved antipsychotics.




I wish I had the same patience as you. Trials are underway and God willing we can have a safer, more effective form of treatment sooner than later. But being the antagonist I am, cbd may help you dine at your favorite restaurant without going ape crazy, but it is not going to help you with your table manners. Point being, cbd is not a miracle drug. While I have experienced a breakthrough in symptoms, I have the baggage of someone who as endured sz for over a decade. Working out those issues take precedent over alleviating any annoying side effects.

This schism is where I am at with this blog. I want to show that, while cbd is a medium of hope, dealing with the nuances of having sz are not always apparent.


Thanks for posting on this.
I am still on the fence about all of this. The FDA has no influence on me, but I hope there will be good research and facts on this. My son was very laid back when smoking-but we will never know what really caused his illness. He was doing so many chemicals-bad ones.
Like all meds, it will work for some-others, it won`t.


Although the study only applies to marijuana, it may bring some comfort to you and your loved one to know that nobody is at fault.

Why there isn’t more risk education and intervention of young adults prone to mental illness is incomprehensible. The collateral damage is enough to make my head spin. Maybe it is only a select few who fall through the cracks but what if it were your son or daughter or grandchild, imagine the grief, anguish, and sadness you may have to endure. I now have a better understanding of empathy, one of only a handful of good that has come from this. x

Just wondering out loud, but would there be any PROFIT in making a CBD medication? It’s already been developed. Can it be patented and marketed? Without those 2 things, I see this falling through the cracks.

Oh, right, back to cbd. I was in contact with one of the chief researchers on a cbd clinical study. When asked about its availability, he answered “the mind of a politician is a strange place…where virtue would go far if not for the company of vanity.” Cbd was discovered in the 1960’s. Does it take 50 years to extract it into a pill? There are more questions than answers at this point.

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I think the possibility is yes to find just about the right treatment for sz with fewer side effect which are for most of the patients the limiting obstacle for a good quality of life and not the fact of the disease itself especially when someone have read about sz and can control his thoughts in a reasonable direction and fight the symptoms bravely. Only matter then are the side effects of the medication. Btw I take invega 3mg and seroquel 200mg and am managing well at the outside with only problem of low self esteem which is really limiting. I wish to read more about cbd research and actual distribution of the medicine in the market especially that I love in Jordan and I think it would take as twice the time to reach Jordan from the time it reaches Europe or America. Thanks for the website I think it is always helpful to read about similar story’s ad yours. Qutaiba

I think this is a great obstacle to face this initiative the market is full of business corporations that would mind such a listing especially with the huge profit they make after produce the anti psychotics