What are your thoughts on BTS (방탄소년단)?

I only ask because they’re blowing up everywhere. I live in Japan and can’t get away from girls at school talking about them all the time (btw I go to an all girls college so I REALLY can’t escape from it^^;)

I really like their music. But as a Japanese person who speaks the language fluently, I don’t really like the lyrics to songs they make Japanese versions of. Idk how to explain it…it just sounds really weird to me. I’m not too fluent in Korean but I like their songs in Korean better.

Any thoughts??


*Based on “DNA” that I made myself watch right now to give this reply.*
They are doing a great job in appealing to girls.
Seems that they know what they are doing, relying mostly on research about attraction to make their art.
Their music is kinda mediocre tho, regular pop with some unneeded twists to it.
It’s easy to conclude that they don’t focus as much on the music as they focus on attracting girls.

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Yea I think ur pretty right about that.

A lot of music in Asia, well at least in the “idol realm” is centered around creating a young fan base rather than focusing on the core, which is the music. I mean they’re a bunch of attractive guys, but I do see Kpop (and Jpop) centered around guys with cute faces and 6 pack abs.

But you’re right about the unnecessary twists in the music lol I thought I was the only one who heard them.

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Can’t really judge them, they are doing their business really efficiently.
Teens are a great market for big firms.
I think that their art is mostly centered around the way they make their clips, they use a lot of cheesy tactics to make the actors appear way more attractive than they actually are.
Bottom line, if you are listening to them for the emotions it gives you, it’s totally understandable. If not, there are way better options music wise.

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What’s BTS?


Hi nobel i am from Asia(Nepal) too… i like k pop and jpop… japan is my fav country… Are u japanese or American …!!!

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It’s a kpop boy and that’s doing really well promoting their music internationally right now! This is their latest hit.

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Hey~ cool fellow Asian^^
Nice to meet ya!

Yeah I’m half American half Japanese.


Nice to meet U …!!! Nobel …!!! Are u highfunctional Nobel …!!!

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i think everything the new generation comes out with is pretty gimmicky, but i like the guys, the outfits and the choreography is really cool. as an older person i feel like the newer generation is swimming in interesting new fads and music. so enjoy your generations music while you can, in a couple years something new will come along and replace it and youll think, “what happened to the good old days with bts?”. i swear im almost falling in love with the group watching this video! they really have appeal

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them comes the stage where you struggle to stay young by listening to the new music, that struggle is always futile.

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