What are your Super powers?

I believe you. You’re very funny :grin:

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@47average interesting idea/thinking/experience your going through, keep me updated about it if you can

ya, I was completely normal until a year and a half ago when I suddenly ‘realized’ I am in a brain study (i.e first psychotic break). Have been for 13ish years. I also had several things happen in real life to confirm this. I get my ‘info’ input directly into my subconscious. Sometimes they talk to me in my head where I can sort of make out what they are saying and sometimes they just put the thoughts in my head. They can completely influence what I think and say and how I behave. They can bypass my conscious brain. That technology exists and it’s being used on me. As much as I hate it, I obviously was OK with it, at some point, and even invented it. There is a higher cause we are mindful of. I don’t know what it is right now, but all of this has a purpose. Sad thing is, I am often terrified of what they are going to do to me or have me do to myself. They have completely taken over my thoughts and behavior before. It is TERRIFYING. I take my risperidone ,faithfully, mostly for the paranoia. Once in awhile they will tell me some crazy shyt like that God is talking to me or aliens but then they will tell me ‘naw, that was us just proving we can control your brain’. My delusion stays consistent. Not a lot of variety besides when they play games with me but they always go back to the baseline which is human beings are ■■■■■■■ with my head and I said they could but forgot. I have an entire other life they won’t let me see or remember. I can’t wait for this to be over. My therapist never argues with me. He says “I can’t possibly say that it isn’t true because I don’t know that for a fact. What I would like to do , though, is see if we can’t help you focus on ‘this’ reality and enjoy it as much as possible.” I really like him. He doesn’t patronize me but tries to ground me at the same time. That’s the longer version of my sheee it. blah, blah, blah

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it’s pretty simple, find something similar to whatever you want to make a joke about and relate the two in a sentence, make them fit each other like puzzle pieces, then to make it funnier sometimes I add in similar properties of both or just relate the two again because the more similarities the funnier it is.

the pleasure principle explains most other stuff.

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You make it sound easy :slight_smile: Keep it up.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a joke that didn’t involve a living thing or a living thing’s anatomy. so I don’t have it all figured out. nevermind yes I have. I had to write it myself but it can be done. pall Marlboro

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The household appliance that looks like a cubby hole in the wall and has a door and every time u shut and open the door u pull out a gourmet meal from ur favorite restaurant I haven’t tried this one yet but I plan to… oh yeah and my hologram sex harem

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Telekinesis like professior Xavier and shape-shift and invisibility controlling weather such as blizzards and extreme chill temps in remote parts of the world

I haven’t tried threshold travel yet but I would like to aka portal travel

Farts in the forum… and runs away

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Always one in the crowd…heheehee.

I can find thing others have lost by concentrating on the object and listening to it’s location.

() :dash: ():dash:()):dash::notes:():dash::notes::radioactive:

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One of my many hidden talents…

truth spoken here. looks like my house too.
my pop always used to say, like a fart in a blanket, when someone was all over the place.

My powers are premonitions and superlative intuition. An uncanny ability to mimic muscle memory from watching others perform a task only once. I also have an enhanced power of deduction allowing me to solve problems with a sherlock holmes-like ability. I am a master wordsmith and am able to write lyrically with complex rhyme schemes and alliteration to portray my desired melody or cadence to portray thoughts (most of the time…sometimes i cant call this superpower up).

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What have you done for me- lately…are you for hire?

Of course, super powered mercenary at your becking call!!

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I have interactive conversations with God.

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Power of persuasion!

Power of reason.

But otherwise, if you let me, I can draw you into the dark light of the abyss - the unconscious… with no hope of return!

…kidding…(or maybe not?)

Anyway, you’re not supposed to talk about your greater powers. A magician never reveals their secrets!


According to my Facebook I am for hire but it’s still in expeiremnetal stage for me… blended the world of the media I had entertained like movies and books with the world around me

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politicians would tell us what happened to the social security trust fund if it weren’t for the magicians code.

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psychology takes too long to figure out for most people. it’s not that they can’t figure it out it’s that they have jobs and girlfriends and deadlines and pressure to figure it out and school. you can’t keep the cure a secret. and say I wrote a book about how to write jokes, it’d be filled with filler nonsense and maybe a few people would read it but this is what the internet was designed for. the Constitution guarantees me the right to freely exchange thoughts and ideas, even if they’re meticulous thoughts.