What are your reasons for being an exotic pet owner?

We all have our reasons, They don’t like you in the same way that a dog does, so its different

Me, dunno, just an urge, my daddy purchased and keeped exotic pets while i was a child and he had them before i was born, Maybe i am just recreating tradition or something

so what is your reasoning?

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Is a ferret exotic? Or rats? I just love them, so we got a few.

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I used to keep snakes !

I always felt so bad for the mice and rats that I had to feed it!

I know its the circle of life, but I once saw this mouse go down backwards and its little face was staring at me.

I decided to quit keeping snakes !!


There is now excuse for your developed interests in 2019.

I really want a sugar glider.



@Mr.Dre I would too but they cost $250 each and you have to have at least two or they get severely depressed they also eat a lot of fruit fresh fruit at that and it’s expensive you can’t just feed them regular pet food so I want it suggests them yes they are cute as all get-out but they’re expensive they take a lot of care and their pack animals so you have to have more than one they love people yes and they will actually put the people into their group but you have to remember to have another one or else they will get depressed


I used to have a regular snake.

Wow, thanks. I’ve never been called exotic before.

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I had a chinchilla for awhile but I was allergic to it.

I want one too (sugargliders), but… I am in australia and we aren’t allowed to have them. Even though they are one of our natives. Makes me sad :frowning:

They are illegal to own in some parts of the US as well.

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