What are your plans today?

They’ll be doing that. I had cavaties a few years ago when I went for the first time in years. But now I don’t think I’ll have cavaties. Especially with this new mouthwash it doesn’t get so bad. You never know though really.

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Well I wish you luck!!

Hopefully there won’t be any

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Hey, Human. :relaxed: Good luck with your cleaning chores.

I need to:

  • Clean litter boxes
  • Go to Costco Pharmacy for meds
  • Go to Planned Parenthood to put in an IUD (to hopefully stop my horrendous periods) & remove my useless implant (Nexplanon)
  • Wash towels
  • Put clean clothes away (I was supposed to do that yesterday)

I think that’s everything, for today.


Well… I didn’t know Costco had a pharmacy… lol

Also, hope this isn’t too personal… I saw before you commented something about having your tubes removed or tied? Is that correct? So you get the implants/IUD to help with your period? Sorry, I’m just curious now how that works.

Hope you have a good day🙂 @Blossom

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Thanks! I hope the same for you. :relaxed:

Yep! You’re correct. I had my fallopian tubes removed, about 5 or 6 years ago. So, I’m sterilized. So, I don’t use other birth control for actual birth control.

I’ve been using the Nexplanon implant (put in the upper arm) to stop/control my horrible menstrual periods. I’m on my 4th one, and this one isn’t helping at all. :frowning: I had a 2 week long period, recently, then there was 4 day break with no period… Then it started again!!

Something is wrong with my body’s sex organs and such, but so far, no gynecologist can figure it out. So, I’ve been trying to control the problem with birth control.

The IUD is my last attempt to control my periods. If it doesn’t do the job, I’m probably going to get a hysterectomy… :open_mouth:

I forgot to mention, I completely lose my mind shortly before and during my period. Like, extreme mood issues, positive symptoms… I can’t afford to end up in the hospital simply because I’m starting a period, y’know?

Sorry for such a long response. There was a lot to say. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m at the new place waiting for TV. It’s being delivered in 45 minutes. Modem was delivered an hour ago but won’t activate properly. Mom is at her pain management doctor’s appointment.


Wowowow… sorry to hear!

That sounds rough… pretty odd that your period does that🤔 (the intense mood swings and that it’ll last so long, crappy)

Maybe a hysterectomy would be for the best but that sounds pretty intense too, I mean whatever you decide is best for you🙂

Sorry for such a late response! Conversation can get overwhelming lol and thanks for explaining


The new place? You moved?


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I worked out today. I’m making chicken for dinner

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Nice, good for you😎


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Yeah, from Oakland, CA back to Springfield, VA. Opposite end of the country!

VA Is where I lived for 35 years, I know all the roads.


Ohhh niiiiiceee…

Hope you’re happy with the move😃

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I went to the store to buy my mom a Christmas present lol. I like getting my holiday shopping early. Very early, haha


:laughing: that’s pretty funny…

Now you’re making me wanna go Christmas shopping lol

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I can’t stand going to the stores in late November/December, so I buy all my gifts much sooner haha. Just a little quirk I have, I guess.

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Haha it’s understandable. what did you end up getting your mom anyways?

I don’t know im hopped up on an energy drink. I’ll probably eat good food and scour the earth for cigs. :joy: oh I have an appointment at noon too. Should be interesting…

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I got her a bottle of Kahlua for the wet bar lol, she loves the stuff. It’s a good winter time drink.

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Good luck at your appointment!


Oh niceee👌


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